please go here Delete Browsing History in Chrome Browser Step 1 : First of all, Open your Google Chrome browser. Click on the 3 small circleson the top right of the browser to access the menu. Once the menu appears scroll down until you see the ‘History’option.

Dec 17, 2019 Clear Your Search History in Windows 10 - Winaero May 28, 2019 How to clear your Gmail search history on desktop or To delete these terms through your web browser from your search history so they no longer auto-populate, click the "X" that appears to the right after typing your keywords in the Gmail search bar. How to Permanently Delete Your Google Search History

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How to Delete Old Searches in My History | Your Business How to Delete Old Searches in My History. Deleting your browsing history is a relatively simple process. The actual procedure will vary slightly depending on which Internet browser you are using, but all of them offer a means by which to remove the history. Some browsers, like … Here’s how you can see and delete your entire Google Apr 25, 2015