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This item Tomato - LINKSYS WRT54GL GIGABIT ROUTER REPEATER BRIDGE DUAL BAND WiFi Wireless G WAN Load Balancing Router VPN Heatsink [TOMATO PREINSTALLED] TP-Link AC1200 Gigabit Smart WiFi Router - 5GHz Gigabit Dual Band MU-MIMO Wireless Internet Router, Supports Beamforming, Guest WiFi and AP mode, Long Range Coverage by 4 Antennas(Archer A6), Black Using 2 ISPs at home at the same time! Tomato MultiWAN May 05, 2016 What is a Load Balancer? - Load Balancing Definition - Citrix

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Oct 18, 2017 · Remember, load balancing is a great option but if the difference between the two ISP connections is greater than 10Mbps, you should choose the Failover mode.. Overall, dual WAN routers will cost you more money in the long run, as you will be subscribing to two internet connections from separate ISPs, but if being connected online is top priority for you due to work commitments, important Once everything works, you should use the command ' ip route equalize' (search with Google for the syntax) to balance the load, or do a -j MARK --set-mark 0xN00 via iptables to redirect your traffig to WAN1 (0x100) or WAN2 (0x200) If you need further assistance, post in forums or PM-me It is nothing like flashing tomato or dd-wrt to your router. The only plus for a load balancing router would be if you download 2 files at once on a regular basis, then you could have your two d-link lb-604 load balancing router connected to my 10/100 cisco switch to all my 22 pc workstation. now i wanted to make use of my tomato router as my default router for the reason of bandwidth limiting and good QOS features. for you to have idea about my set-up here it is. DSL LINE 1 ( dhcp range (

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